Monday, June 29, 2009

Kaleb's view...

So a friend of mine recently challenged me to do the summer assignment she is doing. Rhonda is capturing the world through her 2 yr old son's perspective. Here is a peak in the mind of my little one :o) ...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kennedi's Birthday at Botanical Gardens :o)

So, we went to the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens to shoot some pictures of Kennedi for her 14th birthday. Here are a few of my favorites from that day. It is a little shocking that her hair stayed so pretty because we were MELTING in the Texas heat. She was a good sport though =) and even Kaleb was pretty well behaved considering, lol.

This one we were shopping and she just kept putting things on :o) I had to get a picture of her overloaded pinkness =)

This is Me :o)

Hello :o)

I am Mom to a creative and loving little boy, Kaleb. I am wife to a caring and devoted man, Derald. I try to live my life the way God intended to the best of my ability everyday. I am a family person and I love to help people. I love almost anything to do with art.

I have a bright caring personality. I love supporting my husband's career and it allows us to live in such wonderful places. We have been living in Hawaii since our marriage in 2006 and we will be there for 2 more years.

I love most anything to do with nature. I love how being a Mom has changed me for the better in every way. I love how Kaleb's view of the world helps me to appreciate mine that much more.

I love spending time with my family most of all because each day is a treasure :o)